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Thigh High Boots

Youtube Review

     4.5 out of 5 stars with 64 reviews, and they are only $29.79! What more could you ask for? These are the best boots that I've ever owned in my life. Ok so, maybe the best shoes that I've ever owned in my life! Trust me, I'm not over exaggerating. I can wear these babies all night without a problem, and they are so easy to walk in. It's actually unbelievable how comfortable they are for a pair of 3.7" heels. I have metal in my left foot from a car wreck that I was in a long time, so I'm very picky about heels. They not only have to look good, but they also have to be comfortable. It actually feels like you aren't even wearing heels at all! Plus, the faux suede on the outside is super soft and luxurious, so it feels like you are wearing expensive heels. I told my boyfriend the other day that it felt like I was wearing $1,000 shoes! Which I've never paid that much for shoes before, but if I ever did, I would expect them to feel and look as good as these. I've owned a pair of the black ones for about a month now, and I've worn them several times. They are holding up perfectly. The quality is ridiculous. You know how after you walk a lot in a pair of heels it kinda feels like one of them gets crooked sometimes or the other gets too worn on the bottom? Well, these haven't done that to me yet. The heel itself is super strong. You can run in the babies pretty easily. Plus, there's also a lot of extra toe room, so you don't end up with numbness at the end of the night. Overall, I absolutely love these, and this is the best shoe purchase that I've ever made, so I just had to tell you guys about them. I actually ordered them in grey and brown, too. I posted some pics of mine down below, so that you guys can see what they really look like. The pics on the left do not capture their true beauty. You can also watch my full Youtube review down below. Oh yeah, btw I have them in size 7, and my foot is 9 5/16". I know that some of the reviewers mentioned that they noticed a weird smell as soon as they received them, but mine aren't smelly at all. Plus, I can wear them with skinny jeans. They don't have a zipper on the side, so I was worried about that at first, but they are really stretchy.